6月 第5週お休みについて


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2~6歳  Englishバレエクラス (Primary class) 新規開講


子どもたちへのAoi Ballet Academyのグローバル教育の一環として、レッスン中は主に英語を使用し、英語を楽しく学びながらバレエを学べるクラスとなります。
このクラスでは2、3ヶ月に一度Guest teacherのAnna先生、Dominic先生またはNick先生のオンラインクラスを行う予定です。


開講日時   水曜日 18:00~18:40

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English Ballet class in Aoi Ballet Academy


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第1回 チェケッティ試験

広島で初めてとなるチェケッティ試験をAoi Ballet Academyにて行い、最高成績であるDistinctionで合格致しました。

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5月 第5週お休みについて


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Variation Performance Day

4月16日にVariation Performanceを開催致します。

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4月 第5週お休みについて


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YBCバレエコンクール 福岡

2024年3月24日に福岡にて開催された『第4回YBCバレエコンクール福岡』にAoi Ballet Academyから

高野 健
小野田 ステファニー



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Contemporary class in March

3月26日19:00~ Anna先生のContemporary classをオンラインにて行います。


To ABA students

Hello! My name is Anna Dunlop, I am a contemporary dance artist and teacher based in London in the UK. I began my training in Canada at The School of Alberta Ballet alongside Ms.Aoi, before entering the world of contemporary dance at ArtEz and Codarts in Holland, and completing my training with a BA in Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School. Since then I have founded my own company, Dogstar Dance Theater, which has performed in New York, Vienna, and London. 

My teaching is inspired by the incredible artists and teachers I have met from all over the world, in dozens of different disciplines and styles, such as Cunningham, Gaga, Contact Improvisation, Flying Low and Passing Through, Release, and Counter Point, and of course Ballet. My focus as a teacher is to bring out each dancers individuality, allowing each person to find a deeper understanding of themselves as a dancer, and to bring out the freedom and strength every person has in their dancing. I work with improvisation and imagination in my class, as a way to enhance movement and choreography, and to give each dancer more creativity and uniqueness.

I hope with these classes to give you an introduction to contemporary dance, which can be an amazing tool to improve your ballet, as well as be a beautiful art form on it’s own. We will have a mixture of different styles, learn some exercises and material, and think differently about ways to dance. I am very excited to meet and share with you everything I have learned and give you the opportunity to try a new way to dance. I can’t wait!


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3月 第5週お休みについて


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